06 June 2012

SA market leaders in bidim geotextiles and geosynthetics solutions

Kaytech has established a strong reputation in the South African construction industry with its ethos of providing sustainable solutions. The geosynthetic supply company has experienced significant growth since its inception, increasing its revenue eight fold in the past ten years, and is looking to grow further. As Kaytech celebrates its 40th birthday, we discuss the secrets behind the company’s success.

Providing bidim geotextiles and geosynthetics solutions to the South African Civil Engineering industry since 1971, Kaytech’s product range and expertise covers vast areas of application including drainage and filtration, sub-grade stabilisation, hydraulic construction, road maintenance and rehabilitation, dam and waste containment liners, waterproofing, and liner protection. With a network of reputable geosynthetics suppliers in USA, Europe, Australia, India, South East Asia and Israel, Kaytech has established a firm global footprint.

Kaytech turns 40 years old

In 2012, its fortieth year of supplying geotextiles in Southern Africa, the company is launching an advertising campaign centred on its tagline ‘People, Planet and Progress’ to commemorate the event.

When Kaytech first started, they imported a geotextile called bidim from Rhöne Poulenc, a French chemical company. Then in 1978 Kaytech built a factory in Atlantis, Cape Town, and began manufacturing its nonwoven continuous filament needle punched polyester geotextile, the well-known bidim. The brand bidim is synonymous with geotextiles in Africa. In these early manufacturing days, Kaytech used virgin polyester pellets but soon introduced recycled polyester, and today the company produces bidim as 100 percent recycled polyester generated from recycled bottles sourced from waste sites. As a respected member of the Polyester Recycling Company (PETCO) of South Africa, Kaytech helps reduce the waste stream.

Kaytech works closely with local universities to help find and nurture future talent, sponsoring post-graduate students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) who are involved in geosynthetic research. Additionally, Kaytech is affiliated with several associations that share close ties with higher education institutions, and are also corporate members of the professional bodies representing industries such as roads, dams, concrete block walls and of course geosynthetics. The company is a founding Benefactor member of GIGSA, the local chapter of the International Geosynthetic Society.

Future plans

Kaytech’s core values combined with its long serving, highly valued employees, innovative and knowledgeable client base, and shareholder confidence in South Africa and the construction industry, is what separates Kaytech from its competitors. The company is currently involved in a number of key projects including two Eskom developments at Medupi and Kusile power stations, several national and local roads projects, and numerous landfill projects. The future looks bright for Kaytech, as they to continue to grow both locally and internationally in a very competitive, global, geosynthetic industry.

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