Kaymac (Pty) Limited, trading as Kaytech, has been providing bidim® (geotextiles) and other geosynthetic solutions to the southern African civil engineering industry since 1971.

Our Promise:
— Always a Better Solution
Our Motto:
— People, Planet, Progress
Our Expertise:
— Geosynthetic Solutions

40 years of Better Solutions

Our unique products are produced according to internationally renowned technology at our factory in Atlantis, Western Cape.

Our clients are serviced by a highly experienced technical sales and marketing team, and further supported by a comprehensive technical and design group.

Kaytech's product range and expertise now effectively covers vast areas of application including: Drainage and Filtration, Hydraulic Construction, Separation and Reinforcement, Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation, Dam and Waste Containment Liners, Erosion Protection, Waterproofing and Liner Protection.

In addition to this we have comprehensive case studies available where clients can read about our past successes. With representatives throughout southern Africa Kaytech has also established strong links with a global network of reputable geosynthetic suppliers in Europe, Australia, India, South East Asia and South America.

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Kaytech is a Broad based BEE Level 3 contributor to BEE.
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Gigsa benefactor

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